Enjoy ice cold: Limited Edition winter flavour with blackberry, blueberry and apple.

Drink More Water,
let it SNOW.

Tasty hydration, made simple.


Fill in 400-600ml of still or
sparkling water


Allow the cube to
dissolve completely


Enjoy ice cold for maximum
drinking pleasure



Drink with FLAIR: Enjoy the luxurious combination of delicately floral Elderflower and subtle Lime Blossom together with the full-bodied taste of ripe Raspberry.

Elderflower | Lime Blossom | Raspberry
Drink cold
12 Microdrinks


Ready when you are! Small cube, bold performance: Microlyte provides you with 5 electrolytes, 9 vitamins and zinc that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. And when combined with the sweetness of blueberry, form, function and great taste are all guaranteed.

Electrolyte replenishment
Drink cold
12 Microlytes


Looking for an energy boost? Then you're on the right track with ORO! The fruity taste of Mango and Guava blend with the natural caffeine of the Guayasa plant to an invigorating experience.

Mango | Guayusa | Guava
Natural caffeine
Drink cold
12 Microenergies


Carte blanche for comfort You've got the world at your feet: The elegant blend of white tea, blueberry and linden blossom tastes of sheer extravagance. Being at leisure has never been easier.

White Tea | Linden Blossom | Blueberry
Drink hot
12 Microteas

Microdrink Taster Pack

Try out 6 of our various Microdrink flavours and give your water a refreshing taste made from natural fruit and plant extracts. Find your favourite now!
*Symbolic photo (set may contain other flavours, see detailed information)

6 refreshing flavours
Drink cold
18 Microdrinks

Microenergy Taster Pack

Find out what rejuvenates you with our Microenergy Taster Pack. Transition seamlessly from day to night with a single drop and reset your energy levels anytime, anywhere!
"The brand that inspired us to drink more water every day thanks to its creation of the world's first Microdrink."

It’s what’s inside that counts.

At waterdrop®, we use only the best ingredients available in the world — be it Acai from Brazil, Asian ginseng, moringa from India or African Baobab. We use real fruit and plant extracts to turn your water into a rejuvenating, delicious drink.

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