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What exactly is waterdrop®?

How do I appropriately use waterdrop®?

How much water do I need?

How many waterdrops should I drink per day?

One waterdrop has how many calories?

How should I best store my waterdrops?

Which vitamins do waterdrops contain and why?

Do waterdrops contain sugar?

Do waterdrops contain caffeine?

Is waterdrop® vegan/lactose-free/glutenfree

Do waterdrops contain fructose?

Can I enjoy waterdrop® even during a pregnancy?

Can kids drink waterdrop®?

Where can I find the ingredients?


How are waterdrops being packaged?

How much plastic does the packaging of each waterdrop® contain?

How many waterdrops can I find in one pack?

Why is it a cube?

Billing, Shipping & Delivery

Where can I buy waterdrop®?

Which paying methods are accepted?

Do I get a delivery confirmation?

How much does shipping cost?

How long will my order take to arrive?

About waterdrop®

Who stands behind waterdrop®?

Why is the product called waterdrop®?

Where is waterdrop® manufactured?

I want to order waterdrops for my company