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Limited design
made of borosilicate glass
600ml & 1L

Limited design by
Olivia Culpo

Welcome to paradise

Flashy Flamingos, tropical greenery and delicious Microdrinks await you. 

Meet Olivia Culpo

Starting off her career with winning renowned beauty competitions, Olivia Culpo has developed her brand into a globally-recognized beacon of fashion. Through her acting roles and social media influencing, she has become well-known for her impeccable style. Wanting to encourage others to stay hydrated and live a healthier life and for those wishing for better skin and a clearer complexion, she hopes that this new bottle inspires others to drink more water.

Into a fresh New Year!

With a Limited Edition Olivia Culpo Glass Bottle (600ml & 1L), staying hydrated has never been easier. Start the new year off right by drinking more water!