Drink More Water,
protect marine life.

Limited Edition

10% donated to
Sea Shepherd

Limited Edition

10% donated to
Sea Shepherd

Ship Ahoy!

Start your hydration journey with the Limited Edition Sea Shepherd Bottle and our community favourite SKY.

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Sea Shepherd Glass
Sale price€32,90
Limited Edition Design
Made of borosilicate glass
SKY Steel Horizon
Sale price€37,90
Limited design
24h cold, 12h hot
Save €4,06
waterdrop® Microdrink Bestseller Set Default Title
Sale price€25,90 Regular price€29,96
48 Microdrinks
Drink cold
Save €3,07
Microenergy Set
Sale price€23,90 Regular price€26,97
36 Microenergies
Natural Caffeine
Save €9,90
Starter Set Steel
Sale price€37,90 Regular price€47,80
600ml Stainless Steel Bottle
18 Microdrinks

14 colors available

Save €7,90
Starter Set Glass
Sale priceFrom €34,90 Regular price€42,80
18 Microdrinks
Borosilicate glass bottle
600ml & 1L

14 colors available

Save €12,90
Starter Set Metal Steel
Sale price€39,90 Regular price€52,80
Stainless Steel Bottle
24h cold, 12h hot

5 colors available

Less Plastic. At Home. In The Ocean.

By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans. With this, international environmental organisation Sea Shepherd has made it their mission to defend, protect and preserve the oceans and their biodiversity.

Operation Clean Waves is just one of Sea Shepherd's many campaigns – and we are proud to support it by donating 10% of the sale price from each Limited Edition bottle sold.


Our Message in a Bottle, for you

Did you know that there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic floating in our oceans? By using reusable bottles, you're fighting back – and we want to reward you for it!

Find one of our 101 hidden messages in a Sea Shepherd Bottle and win either an unforgettable ocean conservation trip or 1 of 100 LUCY® Smart Caps.

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