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Blackcurrant - Elderflower - Açaí


When the heat is on, BOOST steps in for you. The rich taste of blackcurrant and elderflower fused with the famous Brazilian power berry Açaí creates your personal BOOST when you need it most.


Do you drink enough water?

It is our elixir of life. We need it in the same way that we need our air to breathe – yet plenty of people still struggle to drink enough of it.

Our sugar-free Microdrink tastes fantastic, enriches your water with fruit and plant extracts as well as valuable vitamins and helps you to drink more water.

Fruit- and plant extracts

No sugar

Valuable vitamins

Just as you like it

Pick your favourite waterdrop and depending on your preference drop it in a glass of 400-600 ml water. The drop dissolves within the shortest time before being ready to be consumed.

You can enjoy your Microdrink at the office, while training or simply on-the-go.   

Waterdrop Bottles

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M.T. (Bristol, GB)


I held off for so long as wasn’t sure about purchasing but kept going back to the website. I’m so glad I did because I love the glass bottle, better than drinking out of plastic and the drops are fab. Highly recommend!

S. T. (Cardiff, GB)


Order was quickly delivered. The bottle is even more beautiful in real life and your water keeps cool. This is a bottle I am proud of putting on my desk in the office. The Tasterpack is ideal and I already ordered my favourite taste.

K. S. (Ripon, GB)


I’m extremely happy with the product and the customer service. I’ve already found my favourite waterdrop flavours and I’ll definitely be purchasing some more! 

M.S. (Loughborough, GB)


Everything is perfect, the bottle is beautiful and so is the sleeve, really easy to drink from and the sleeve fit the bottle perfectly and is really useful. The taster packs are all really nice and work so well. An amazing buy!

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