Limited Edition by Hedof

We're bringing colour into autumn: with the Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof! Get his popular style as an exclusive illustration on our newest limited edition glass bottle.

For a short time only and as long as stock lasts.

Taster Pack with Bottle

€29,90 (You save 40%)

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✓ Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof
✓ 18 waterdrop® microdrinks in 6 delicious flavours

Empowerment Edition Set

€37,90 (You save 32%)

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✓ Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof
✓ 48 waterdrop® microdrinks in the flavours BOOST, FOCUS, YOUTH and GLOW

Make your autumn bright.

With the Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof you're giving your grey autumn days a splash of colour.

About the artist

Striking illustrations, bright colors and playful characters distinguish the works of Hedof. Behind the name of the design studio from the Netherlands is Rick Berkelsmans. His works beautify house walls and installations all around the world and now - in exclusive edition - our current waterdrop® Limited Edition Bottle.

What characterises your style essentially?
Where’s your inspiration coming from and when would you call it a finished artwork?
Which role do contrasts and colours play for you?
Is it important for you to tell a story with your art?
Which role does water play in your art?