The little big thing.

Our secret is simple: we found a way to compress the best natural ingredients into a small cube. waterdrop®, your sugar-free microdrink turns your water into a refreshing beverage full of botanical extracts from the finest regions in the world. 

Just fru it.

In waterdrop®, we only process the best ingredients from the whole globe. Be it Acai from Brazil, Asian ginseng, moringa from India or African Baobab. We use real fruit and plant extracts to turn your water into something special.  .

The biggest loser.

We make great things small again. Why ship an entire beverage if we can compress all the necessary tasty ingredients into a small cube, or as we say: a microdrink. We leave it up to you to add some fresh drinking water versus shipping heavy plastic bottles throughout the world. Sounds good? We slimmed down 97% of packaging and weight from a bottled beverage to a cube. The good news is we're leaving it to you to add local, precious water - the most refreshing thing in the world.

Bye-bye Sugar Man.

We know sugar is a major contributor to modern health problems — that’s why we don’t use it. waterdrop® appeals to health-conscious consumers like you.

Finding a good reason to drink is easy. 

Water is life. Every cell in our bodies depend on it. Drinking ample amounts of water is essential to our health – like making our brain work or keeping us fit. waterdrop® helps you drink more of it, by adding great taste from fruit and plant extracts as well as valuable vitamins to your water. 

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