Christmas Box 2019 with Taster Pack

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• Delivery time 2-5 working days
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Gift someone great joy with our Christmas Box and Taster Pack. This beautiful Christmas box is particularly suitable for those who want to drink more water and reduce their juice and soda consumption but simply don't know how.

The diverse waterdrop flavours help you to drink more water. The box therefore contains a Taster Pack to get to know our popular varieties. You will also find the Limited Edition bottle by Mele de la Yglesia, available exclusively in our Christmas boxes. With this colourful companion you have always got enough water ready for a waterdrop.


1 x Taster Pack

  • 3 x FOCUS (lime / baobab / acerola)
  • 3 x BOOST (Currant / Elderflower / Açaí)
  • 3 x YOUTH (peach / ginger / ginseng / dandelion)
  • 3 x DEFENCE (Cranberry / Rosehip / Moringa)
  • 3 x GLOW (mango / cactus fruit / artichoke)
  • 3 x RELAX (hibiscus / acerola / aronia)

1 x Limited Edition Bottle by Mele de la Yglesia

  • Limited pieces
  • Each piece is unique with an engraved number
  • Beautiful illustrations (Design by Mele de la Yglesia)
  • Water bottle made of sturdy, odourless and tasteless borosilicate glass (550 ml)
  • Extra-tight bamboo closure
  • Heat-resistant and scratch-resistant glass bottle
  • Very easy to clean thanks to extra large opening
  • lass bottle incl. protective and insulating neoprene sleeve in the matching Mele de Yglesia design

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The most beautiful present
under the Christmas tree

Spend more time with your loved ones. With our Christmas wrapping, your waterdrops are already beautifully wrapped and ready to be placed under the Christmas tree.

The charming Limited Edition Bottle by Mele de la Yglesia.

Floral elements, organic forms without beginning or end and interwoven lines characterize the works of Mele de la Yglesia. The works of art by the Berlin-based Spanish artist can be found as wall art, patterns on woven fabrics and now also on our exclusive waterdrop® Limited Edition Bottle.

Die bezaubernde Limited Edition Bottle by Mele de la Yglesia.

Florale Elemente, organische Formen ohne Anfang oder Ende & sich verflechtende Linien zeichnen die Arbeiten von Mele de la Yglesia aus. Die lebendigen Arbeiten der in Berlin lebenden spanischen Künstlerin sind als Wandarbeiten, Muster auf Webstoffen und nun auch auf unserer exklusiven waterdrop® Limited Edition Bottle zu finden.

Drink more water

Our waterdrops will help you and your loved ones to drink enough water during the festive period and beyond. With waterdrops you will reduce plastic bottles use, so the body and the environment will be happy this Christmas.


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