ZEN - 12 Pack

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12 ZEN microdrinks

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Breathe in. Breathe out. Find your self in each and every thing. Discover our harmonious flavour ZEN and balance your self with its fine plant notes of starfruit, white tea and lemongrass. Find balance and equilibrium and remember who you truly are.

Average nutritional values

per 100 ml   per 400 ml (1 drop)  
Energy (calories)
1 kcal / 4 KJ   4 kcal / 17 KJ  
Fat 0 g   0 g  
of which saturates 0 g   0 g  
Carbohydrate 0 g   0 g  
of which sugars 0 g   0 g  
Protein 0 g   0 g  
Salt 0,09 g   0,36 g  
Vitamins  RI*
Vitamin C 8,0 mg / 8 %
24 mg / 30 % 
Folid acid 17,5 µg / 9 %
70,0 µg / 35 % 
Biotin 5,6 µg / 11 % 
22,5 µg / 45 %

*Percentage of reference intakes

Acid: Citrid Acid, Acidity Regulator Sodium Carbonate, Acidity Regulator Potassium Carbonate, White Tea Extract, Lemon Grass Extract, Vitamin C, Natural Flavouring, Sweetener Sucralose, Folid Acid, Biotin.

- 12 waterdrop® ZEN microdrinks
- Prepares a 400-600 ml refreshment per cube
- Natural fruit and plant extracts as well as valuable vitamins
- Without sugar - suitable for diabetics
- Without preservatives
- Only 4 calories per waterdrop®
- Valuable vitamins C / folic acid / biotin
- Environmentally conscious packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews



I absolutely love Zen, mostly the fact that its their strongest flavour. I feel like i'd get my moneys worth with zen, i can use a full bottle of water, with other flavours i can only fill 3/4 of the way. Love waterdrop! <3

Fab Chilled Out Flavour

A lovely refreshing and calming flavour, lovely at the end of the day or throughout the day when you need to have a chilled out moment of Zen.


I’m so glad zen joined part of the permanent Waterdrop line - this is such a lovely refreshing flavour!


This has become my new favorite drink, definitely helping me to drink more water.



Great new flavour

I love white tea and lemongrass is also one of my favourites, they make a great combination in this new flavour. Recommended!

ZEN. Meet Your Self.

Waterdrop Johannisbeere

Star Fruit

The star fruit is particularly striking because of its star-shaped form and originated in South East Asia. It grows as a fruit on trees and is also known as carambola.

Waterdrop Holunder

White Tea

The long tradition of white tea has its origin in the Chinese province of Fujian. This type of tea is produced from buds covered with white downy fluff: hence its name.

Waterdrop Acai

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is native to Southeast Asia and grows there as an evergreen plant up to 2 meters high. Its essential oils give the herb a subtle lemony taste.

Waterdrop Vitamine

Vitamin C, Folate, Biotin

Folate contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Biotin stimulates physical work capacities. Vitamin C is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality

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