The 101 of tasty microdrinks:

The world's best ingredients compressed into a little cube.


The 101 of tasty microdrinks:

The world's best ingredients compressed into a little cube.

Fruit & plant extracts:

Fruit & plant extracts:


The natural aroma of fresh lime turns your water into a refreshing experience. Originally from South East Asia, the green fruit called Citrus Latifolia is known all over the world, not least because of its uniqueness in taste and its captivating, vibrant colour.


The baobab extract contained in FOCUS has a long tradition. African natives call it the "Tree of Life", because Baobab has said to work miracles. For centuries it has been regarded by people in Africa as a source of health and well-being.


Discover the powerful extract of acerola, which was indispensable to the Mayan people because of its valuable ingredients. The sour, yet tasty aroma of this fire-red berry stands out as a guarantee of refreshment.


The extract contained in the exquisite hibiscus flower native to the tropical areas of this world has become famous as a relaxing drink under the name Agua de Jamaica. Although there are over 600 known species, it is always characterized by its distinctive calyx and pleasant, tart taste...


Enjoy the natural aroma and taste of Aronia. This small berry has its roots in North America, where it was used by the indigenous people as important nutrition for the cold months of winter. Today, it is known for its similarity in shape to an apple, which is why the berry is also known as ‘apple berry’. With its tasty, refreshing aroma it is known worldwide as a thirst quencher.. 


The natural, sourish aroma of cranberry is tempting and unique. Cranberries are cultivated in large parts of Europe, Canada and America. Today, this tiny berry is praised for its refreshing taste throughout the world. 


The extract of the small orangey-red rosehip contained in DEFENCE is a true alliance of valuable ingredients. There is a reason why rosehip is lovingly called the one-stop shop of superfoods. The fine, dry note makes the rosehip extract in DEFENCE a surprising explosion of taste. 


DEFENCE also contains the extraordinary extract of Moringa. The Moringa tree has its roots far back in history at the foot of the Himalayas, from where it conquered the world with its unique taste and features. Some cultures even refer to it as the ‘Tree of Miracles’ due to its high concentration of nutrients.s.


The natural aroma with the taste of  blackcurrant gives you a full, pleasurable experience. The sweetish-tart taste of the popular dark purple berry is unmistakably fruity and its elegant character is best evident in BOOST.


The stimulating flavour and natural aroma of Elderflower is irresistible. Known for its characteristic scent and delicate flowers, the taste of Elderflower has been fascinating people for millennia. As a blended trio with Açaí and blackcurrant, this combination will delight your palate.


South American natives often climb incredible heights in the rainforest to harvest this special berry. BOOST contains the valuable extract of this tropical fruit, which for centuries has been a traditional food of the Amazon peoples. The dark berries may be small, but they will give you a real boost whenever you need it. 


Discover the taste of mango with its mouthwatering natural aroma. This heavenly, sweet fruit from the wild mango tree ‘Mangifera sylvatica’, was first documented in the Indian region many centuries ago. Incidentally, mango is a close cousin of the cashew nut, comes in all colors and sizes, but always tastes best when
fresh and ripe.

Cactus Fruit

Native to Mexico and growing across the United States, Australia, and South Africa, this prickly, juicy, sweet-tasting pear ‘Opuntia ficus-indica’ became world-famous for its home remedy uses. The soft, mostly yellowish-orangey-reddish flesh with edible seeds is an indispensable source of energy and nutrients for millions. We’re thrilled that its extract found its way into our tasty waterdrops.


The extract from this giant purple-flowering thistle contained in GLOW has a blooming history. Originally found in the Mediterranean, it quickly gained worldwide acceptance for its valuable ingredients. Not only did its unique, delicate and fine taste attract King Henry VIII and George Washington, it was also rumoured to possess healing powers.


The natural peach flavour in YOUTH feels inspiring. The sweet, juicy taste of the peach may even remind you of carefree summer days in Grandma’s orchard. Can you imagine life without peach? 

Star Fruit

The star fruit is particularly striking because of its star-shaped form and originated in South East Asia. It grows as a fruit on trees and is also known as carambola.

White Tea

The long tradition of white tea has its origin in the Chinese province of Fujian. This type of tea is produced from buds covered with white downy fluff: hence its name.

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is native to Southeast Asia and grows there as an evergreen plant up to 2 meters high. Its essential oils give the herb a subtle lemony taste.


In CLEAN you will discover the special taste of a blend of three famous herbs. While thyme was used in ancient Egypt for the process of mummification or as a source of courage in Greece, sage has been used as a flavor and fragrance for at least 2000 years. The medicinal plant hops is with all its 700 different varieties of hemp plants and has its origins in Mongolia. However, what unites these three herbs in the trio is their unmistakable taste due to their natural aroma in CLEAN.

Juniper Berry

The history of juniper berries reaches back to the tombs in ancient Egypt. Of course, the ancient Greeks knew about the effects of the juniper berry and so they used it as a drug for a long time before it made it into numerous foods and drinks. Their distinctive sweet-bitter taste is the perfect basis for CLEAN.

Stinging Nettle

Nettle was regarded as a weed for years and plucked out. This is probably due to the famous engraving of the leaves, which we all knew as children sooner or later. However, herbalists know better and so it is no surprise that the nettle is now considered by many to be the "queen of medicinal plants". With its fresh taste and character, its extract is irreplaceable for CLEAN.


Combining ginger’s natural aroma with its rich and spicy taste creates soothing and comforting warmth in the body. The warm, pleasant scent and subtle sharpness that ginger is known to deliver, kindles the senses. 


Ginseng or "人参" is used all over the world. Nowadays indispensable in traditional Chinese medicine, this small, powerful root has benefitted many over the centuries. The Ginseng extract in YOUTH gives it an upbeat and special touch, making it your perfect companion.


Most of us know dandelions from our childhood and had fun blowing the white, puffy seeds in the air. Only very few people know that dandelion extract was used in medicine as far back as Egyptian times and fascinates the experts to this day. With over thousands of species, the dandelion is as diverse as YOUTH itself..