Inspiration from above.

Not long ago, a young man found himself in a very familiar place. He was on yet another aeroplane bound for yet another city and the next round of appointments. Constantly on the move, but determined to stay fit, Martin was always hard-pressed to find a drink offered on board that wasn’t full of sugar. Wearily contemplating the usual choices, he settled on another glass of water.

And then came sudden realization and the seed of an idea began to form in his mind. Martin sat in that stuffy cabin and asked himself why there wasn’t a product which he could simply add to water, was healthy and provided variety. Something that was convenient enough to carry with him. The idea for such a small thing felt like it had the makings of a pretty big deal.

A microdrink — all the best ingredients compressed into one little cube. Easily transportable, just requiring water to drop it into. Electrified by the possibility, Martin quit his job, convinced his friend Christoph and his brother Henry to join the journey, found great investors and put all of his time and resources into developing the idea.

Today, the inspiration that came from above has made a smooth landing on solid ground.

Pocket a waterdrop®

The idea seemed so simple and made us wonder why nobody had hit upon it earlier. If truth be told, it took an intensive two years of R&D with leading European players before we were able to launch our first microdrink.

Our mission is to help our customers to drink more water and less junk and therefore live healthier, longer and more sustainable lives. We’re proud of the fact that our carefully developed product is also kind to Mother Earth  by massively reducing transport emissions and the usage of plastic bottles. 

We are only just getting started. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Refreshing wishes,
Martin Donald Murray (Founder & CEO)