Limited Edition
FLAIR Keychain Set

FLAIR Keychain Set

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Vanity FLAIR: Made with 100% Lyocell, a sustainable material, this unique and extremely limited scarf was designed by fashion gurus Viktor & Rolf. In combination with the handy and stylish Keychain, you can be certain to attract all the attention at your next event.

1x FLAIR Keychain Set
→ Comes with scarf made from 100% Lyocell (sustainable premium textile)
→ Features design from fashion icons Viktor & Rolf
→ 32cm x 32cm
→ Limited Edition metal keychain
→ Space for one microdrink/microtea cube

An enchanting ensemble

Dress up your one-of-a-kind keychain with a fashionable silky scarf made from sustainable lyocell. This beautiful duo goes the extra mile with you.