LUCY® creates clarity.

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LUCY® Smart Cap Set

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600ml, 1L · LUCY® Smart Cap · Glass or Steel Bottle
LUCY® Smart Cap
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Cleans, tracks & reminds
Connected with Hydration App
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LUCY® All Clear Set
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LUCY® Filter Carafe + Smart Cap · At home or on the go
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LUCY® Filter Carafe Refill Set
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2L LUCY® Filter Carafe (incl. 4 Clarity Pads)
LUCY® Filter Carafe
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2L LUCY® Filter Carafe (incl. 1 Clarity Pad)
LUCY Clarity Pad
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3-Pack, 6-Pack · Activated carbon filter · save with filter subscription
Recognised for both design and pioneering performance

Red Dot and Gia Design Award Winner

The LUCY® Filter Carafe has been awarded two marks of quality in recognition of its overall design and performance.

Red Dot 'Product Design' Award

For design, innovation and pioneering performance.

German Innovation Award

For distinguished innovation and user-friendliness.


LUCY® Filter Carafe: Filters Better, Faster.

The clear design not only gives the innovative Filter Carafe an elegant, minimalist look, but the outstanding filter technology of the Clarity Pads also speaks for itself: with a particularly rapid filtration process, your tap water is reliably freed from various pollutants.



LUCY® Smart Cap: Cleans. Tracks. Reminds.

Start drinking tomorrow, today: the innovative UV-C purification function deactiviates up to 99.9999%* of potential germs in your drinking water. Together with the waterdrop® Hydration App, the LUCY® Smart Cap automatically tracks your water consumption and regularly reminds you to drink more water by gently flashing.


*The following substances have been tested by Eurofins: Colony-forming units (22°C / 71 hrs - EN ISO 6222:-1: 1999-07), Colony-forming units (37°C / 24 hrs - EN ISO 6222:-1: 1999-07), Coliform bacteria (EN ISO 9308-1: 2014-12), Enterococcus (EN ISO 7899-2: 2000-11), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (EN ISO 16266: 2008-05). For detailed test reports, please reach out to