LUCY® Smart Cap
LUCY® Smart Cap
LUCY® Smart Cap
LUCY® Smart Cap

LUCY® Smart Cap Cleans, tracks & reminds
Connected with Hydration App

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Start drinking more water today: The LUCY® Smart Cap effectively improves your drinking behaviour in conjunction with our waterdrop® Hydration App. Purified water, tracked drinking progress and regular reminders are just the push of a button away.

1x LUCY® Smart Cap


→ Smart Bottle Cap that helps improve your hydration:

- Purifies water using innovative UV-C light technology
- Automatically tracks water consumption with special sensor
- Reminds you to drink by blinking gently
→ Only works in conjunction with free waterdrop® Hydration App
→ USB-C cable included
→ Not suitable for waterdrop® All-Purpose bottles, Toddler bottles and bottles from 2020 or earlier
→ Not suitable for the dishwasher (must not be immersed in water)
→ Made in Austria
→ TÜV certified
→ Tested by Eurofins Scientific


Further information as well as safety and cleaning instructions can be found in the manual.

LUCY® Smart Cap – Your smart drinking assistant

Cleans. Tracks. Reminds. 

The innovative UV-C purification function deactivates up to 99.9999%* of potential germs in your drinking water. At the same time, your water consumption is automatically tracked and the LUCY® Smart Cap blinks regularly to remind you to drink more water. 

How the LUCY® Smart Cap helps you drink more water

How the LUCY® Smart Cap helps you drink more water

1. Time-of-Flight sensor
Regularly measures how much water is left in the bottle.

2. 70 mW / 265nm UV-C LED
Deactivates up to 99.9999%* of all bacteria and viruses.

3. Reminder
Gently flashes to remind you to take the next sip.

How the LUCY® Smart Cap stands out

The LUCY® Smart Cap in comparison to conventional self-cleaning bottles

App your drinking game

To get even better results, connect the LUCY® Smart Cap with the waterdrop® hydration app: Together, they will help you keep on track with your fluid-intake, remind you to drink and challenge you to take it one sip further.