Take Good Care: How To Clean Your Water Bottle

Take Good Care: How To Clean Your Water Bottle

Your water bottle is like a good friend. It accompanies you to work, during your free time, and when you play sports – keeping you hydrated around the clock. So it’s only logical that there should be an element of wellness and consideration for your bottle; after-all, your bottle deserves to be cleaned regularly. And last but far from least, your health also benefits from hygienic water consumption, so it’s important to keep your bottle to-hand – and clean!

In this article, we answer all your questions about effectively cleaning your water bottle. So say goodbye to smeared glass and stained steel – here are the best tips from our waterdrop® community.

Why should I clean my bottle regularly?

Do you really want to let germs get into your mouth? We thought not. That’s why you should rinse your water bottle regularly. How often you clean your bottle depends entirely on how often you use it. As with any commercially available bottle, dirt and germs can accumulate in ours; deposits can be found in corners around the cap or at the bottom of the bottle. But rest assured, with our tips below, cleaning will easily become a routine in no time.

What is the best way to clean a bottle?

Cleaning a bottle is, simply put, a straightforward task. Aside from traditional washing up, there are a number of household remedies that anyone can follow to clean a bottle in minutes.

Washing Up Liquid and Rice

The combination of washing up liquid and rice may sound unusual, but this peculiar pairing sure packs a (clean) punch. Simply mix a tablespoon of washing up liquid with a handful of rice grains, pour into your bottle, and fill with warm water. Now screw on your cap and shake vigorously. The friction of the rice grains will dissolve any deposits in no time. No rice to-hand? Try using coarse sea salt instead.

Baking Soda, Lemon Juice and Vinegar

As an alternative to the above, our customers celebrate warm water mixed with vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda or powder.

An important note: to prevent pressure building up inside, we advise keeping your bottle open when using the mixture.

Foamy mouth…?

Make sure that all the mixture, including washing up liquid, is rinsed out following your bottle’s bubble bath. Our fruity hydration cubes are tingly (and fresh) enough without the aftertaste of vinegar or baking soda. Wash well and taste the benefits!

Other Useful Tools

To clean every millimetre of your bottle, try one of our waterdrop® cleaning tools:

Bottle Brush: the waterdrop® Bottle Brush has been designed to clean both Glass and Stainless Steel Bottles with ease. Crafted from durable wood and soft bristles, simply use with warm water to loosen stains and remove any hard-to-reach particles. For a full cleanse, use the brush in combination with washing up liquid.









Cleaning Beads: waterdrop® Cleaning Beads are small, durable metallic balls that loosen stains inside your bottle. Simply pour them into your bottle, add warm water, and swirl. The gentle friction from the beads acts like a scrubbing pad which subsequently removes stains, germs, and any harbouring particles. The Cleaning Beads have been designed using mild stainless steel: delicate enough not to scratch, strong enough to clean.





Cap’s off to hygiene

So, your bottle is clean – now it’s time to clean your cap to ensure that your hydration is absolutely pristine. For those who have an attention to detail, use a toothpick with a little washing up liquid to clean the smallest of grooves. For others, soaking your Stainless Steel Cap in water with mild soap is an easier option.

Please note: our Wooden and Bamboo Caps are more sensitive to water than their steel counterparts.

In addition, should I disinfect my bottle?

Remember those germs and dirt particles that we mentioned earlier? To make sure you’re drinking only the freshest of water, you should occasionally sanitise your bottle. (Hint: when your bottle starts to smell, you know it’s time for a bath.) Simply leave the bottle and cap (if stainless steel) to soak in hot water for three to five minutes.

Can I clean my waterdrop® Bottle in the dishwasher?

Instead of putting your waterdrop® Bottle in the dishwasher, we highly recommend that you gently hand wash it. As long as you follow the tips outlined above, your bottle will look, smell, and feel cleaner than ever – thanks to that extra little care.

Now that your bottle is clean and your water awaits better hydration – and maybe some flavour – join the waterdrop® Club today and enjoy many of the benefits of our liquid community, including more advice for a more sustainable and hydrated lifestyle.

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The frequency of cleaning your bottle depends entirely on how often you use it. We recommend rinsing your bottle with clean water after each use, and in addition, sanitising it regularly. To do this, leave your bottle and cap (if stainless steel) to soak in hot water for three to five minutes. If you have a Wooden or Bamboo Cap, gently hand wash it.


Our waterdrop® community has collectively shared the most effective ways you can easily clean your bottle. With household products such as rice, baking soda and toothpicks, your bottle will stay clean – indefinitely. Here’s to hygienic hydration!