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make it count

Hydration is just a tap away

The waterdrop® app offers you personalised features to identify and improve your drinking habits even after completing the Drink More Water Challenge. Each feature is customised to your body and needs.

Free download for iOS & Android.


App your drinking game

App your drinking game

The waterdrop® Hydration App helps you keep on track with your fluid-intake, reminds you to drink and challenges you to take it one sip further.


Keep track of your drinking habits 24/7 and reach daily targets.


Regular reminders help you reach your daily drinking goals – sip by sip.


Discover in-app challenges, collect exclusive club points and exchange them for free accessories.

Track your progress with our beautiful bottles

Rainbow Glass

Get ready to steal hearts with this Limited Edition Rainbow Glass Bottle and Drink More Water on the go – with pride!

10% of proceeds from the Rainbow Glass Bottle will be donated to support two LGBTQIA+ organisations: 5% to OutRight Action International and a further 5% to Queer Base.