Discover a new way of drinking with waterdrop®

Avoid unnecessary plastic bottles with our waterdrop® microdrink and enhance your water with natural fruit and plant extracts. Without sugar - anytime & anywhere.

We will put together an individual offer to suit your company and the area of implementation.

Office & Conference

Banish unhealthy beverage solutions in plastic bottles and increase your water consumption. From the elegant presentation in the conference room to staff kitchen - we have the right offer for you.

This not only saves you transportation and storage costs, but deliberately avoids bottled beverages, helping to reduce unnecessary waste and CO2.

Wellness & Hotel

Whether it be in your hotel, beauty salon, gym or spa - waterdrop® offers a new experience in different situations. For use in the room, wellness area or at the bar.

waterdrop® is the special extra to refine water with delicious fruit and plant extracts as well as vitamins and impresses your guests.

Novotel Wien
Novotel Wien
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Gift with your logo

Are you looking for an original gift for your customers, employees or partners? Gift something special with waterdrop® .

We offer individualized solutions ranging from a small gift, through to high-quality bottle sets in the gift box over to the elegant wooden box. Waterdrop® offers a completely new, innovative and personal gift for every occasion.

Novotel Wien
Novotel Wien
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Over 500,000 satisfied customers

"Wir setzen waterdrop für unsere Geschäftspartner ein, weil die Vielfältigkeit und die Aufmachung einen netten Gesprächseinstieg garantieren"


"Wir finden das Konzept hinter waterdrop spannend und passend für unser Haus: eine originelle Bereicherung für das Angebot in unserem Tagungs- und Spa Bereich! So bieten wir unseren Gästen unter dem Motto „Mach dein Wasser zum Erlebnis“ zuckerfreie Microdrinks mit dem Geschmack wohltuender botanischer Extrakte"

Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

"Wir setzen waterdrop ein, weil es etwas Besonderes ist, auffällt, gut schmeckt und nachhaltig ist."


Business Packages

Give up plastic bottles and provide your employees, customers and guests with an innovative alternative to bottled beverages.

12 Pack

From 60 pcs
Also available in bulk

Presentation Bowl

Put your waterdrops in the scene

Signature Glasses & Classic Carafe

Serve waterdrop in high-quality glasses and carafes made of borosilicate glass

Personalised Products

Surprise with high-quality, individualized accessories.

Presentation Case & Carry Kit

From 30 pcs
Logo engraving optional


From 30 pcs
Logo engraving optional

Discovery Kit

Customizable with your logo by a banderole or printed directly from 2,500 pcs

Neck hanger

Ideal as a gift item
From 10,000 pcs with your logo

waterdrop® as an exclusive gift

Gift your employees, customers and guests the pleasure of drinking. Choose between our packages or put together your very own bundle.

Taster Pack with Bottle

From 30 pcs
From 50 pcs with individual logo engraving

Steel Bottle Set

From 30 pcs
From 50 pcs with logo engraving

Individual Sets

From 30 pcs
Starting at 30 pieces we can put together your very own individual gift set

Your benefits in numbers

98% less storage space

Waterdrop requires 98% less storage space than bottled beverages.

Save 2,000 kWh/year

Waterdrops do not need to be refrigerated. Avoid refrigerators and save on average 2,000 kWh or 450 € / year & appliance.

Save 5kg of plastic waste per person

Save an average of 5kg of plastic waste per person per year when changing from PET drinks to waterdrop.

99% less CO2 emissions

Reduce beverage-related CO2 emissions by 99% compared to PET bottles. Waterdrop does not need cooling, is much lighter and requires the least packaging of any beverage in the world.

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Individual solutions

Get in touch with us anytime. We are always happy to answer any questions and will put together an individual offer that suits your company best.

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We will put together an individual offer to suit your company and the area of implementation.