What makes a good drink, or in this case, a good mocktail? Is it the finest of ingredients, the mastery behind the mixology, the way it is served and presented? Or is it a drink’s ability to fulfil something more than just ‘great taste’ – a feeling or a memory perhaps? As with any drink, there is a certain alchemy that creates such elusive magic; something that waterdrop® is delighted to present – and now preserve – within these pages.

But like all books, we must start at the beginning.

Cocktails have played a colourful part in modern history, and although the first-ever cocktail remains a mystery, these clever and often curious concoctions have celebrated many a reinvention throughout their time. And with a rise-on-rise of changing tastes, readily-available ingredients, and initiatives such as Dry January, alcohol-free cocktails have since garnered widespread appeal.

Now, back to the present day. Underpinned by waterdrop’s penchant for hydration, sustainability, and above all, taste, the ideation behind a mocktail using our portfolio of products has long been poured over. Initially teased to our loyal waterdrop® community, the initial response exceeded expectations; so in short, this book is inspired by our community, but dedicated to everyone.

waterdrop® prides itself on discovering the new and developing the best; a sentiment encapsulated by each and every one of our mocktail recipes. Using either a Microdrink, Microtea, Microenergy or Microlyte, each alcohol-free recipe can be expertly prepared with ease to offer a truly unique experience. Complex and balanced, sweet and sharp, short and long: each recipe springboards into a new unknown that awaits discovery and enjoyment alike.

So, let’s ask the question again: what makes a good mocktail? For waterdrop®, each recipe is an expression of hard work, a refinement of process, and a marker in time. They implicate our affection for broader hydration, and the boundless potential that a little imagination – and good ingredients – can offer.

We hope that you enjoy our recipes as much as we did developing them.